Rural Smiddy with Reflective Pool in East Lothian

Rural Smiddy with Reflective Pool in East Lothian 2018-01-09T17:13:07+00:00

Project Description


The owners of this rural smiddy wanted to make the most of the stunning views from their living room window and patio. They looked out over the East Lothian countryside, but the current view was blocked by their cars which were parked on the gravel driveway. I designed a beautiful new garden ‘room’ full of soft grasses and natural planting by shortening the driveway and screening this with hedging. I created a contemporary water feature to reflect the beautiful East Lothian evening skies.


They now enjoy their morning coffee and croissants round the side of the house in their new sunny, secluded kitchen garden ‘room’, surrounded by fragrant roses and herbs. They also love being able to grab a handful of fresh herbs to throw in the cooking pot for a tasty supper.

Garden_design_for rural_cottage_East_Lothian