Some thoughts from a garden designer about gardens she has visited.

5 reasons to place art in your garden

If you are an art lover, then why not add interest as you wonder round your garden, by extending your art collection out in to the garden? Add your own personality to your garden. Communicate your interests, with sentimental or large bold statement objects, abstract garden art or subtle [...]

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How to design a small garden with big impact

Our gardens are getting smaller these days, but they can still be a valuable space for getting outdoors to enjoy the sunshine and connect with nature. Here are 5 tips for designing a small outside space that packs a punch. 1.   Built in seating Work out what you want from your space, then distil your [...]

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Garden Inspiration from the Netherlands

Mien Ruys Garden Earlier this month, a group of us garden designers had a sneaky trip to the Netherlands to visit Mien Ruys garden for a bit of garden design inspiration. Mien Ruys was an exceptional and inspirational garden designer and she is a true icon of mine. She studied garden architecture in Berlin in the 1920s [...]

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RHS Hampton Court – take aways

I spent an inspiring day last week wondering round the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show. The show gardens were jam-packed with landscaping ideas, sublime planting schemes and new plants. These garden ideas can easily be taken home and used in our own gardens. The Red Thread Garden First of all, wondering through the Conceptual Gardens, [...]

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Creating the Bones of a Winter Garden

Is your garden looking drab and uninspiring at the moment? You may have planned it over the summer months while outside enjoying the sunshine. If you can make your garden look good in winter, it is likely to look great throughout the year. Here are 5 tips for creating a garden that looks good - [...]

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Gardens that evoke a sense of spirituality

I would say that the most memorable gardens I have visited are ones that evoke a real sense of spirituality. It is hard to put a finger on how the garden makers have achieved this. It doesn’t seem to bare any relation to the price of the materials used in creating the garden. One of [...]

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