How to design a small garden with big impact

Our gardens are getting smaller these days, but they can still be a valuable space for getting outdoors to enjoy the sunshine and connect with nature. Here are 5 tips for designing a small outside space that packs a punch. 1.   Built in seating Work out what you want from your space, then distil your [...]

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How green is your garden?

Last week green issues were making headline news. The nations of the world  put their heads together at the climate change summit in Paris. They were attempting to come up with green initiatives for curbing carbon emissions and tackling global warming. Closer to home, we witnessed some of the effects of climate change. Storm Desmond [...]

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I never promised you a rose garden

A couple of years ago I created a rose garden in a cemetery in central Edinburgh. As a result, this has fired up a passion for these enchanting shrubs that my grandmother always adored. She had a beautiful English country garden where she and my grandfather introduced me to a few of their favourites back [...]

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A garden lover’s tour of Norway

Norway has been high on my wish list of places to visit for some years now. is renowned for it's spectacular landscapes, with it's mountains and fjords, reindeers and trolls. Firstly, we started our trip in Oslo. Our Airbnb flat was in the achingly trendy and alternative suburb of Grunerlokka. It was a great place for [...]

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The Poison Garden – unearthing the evil properties of plants!

Although it was a dreich day on Good Friday, we got the waterproofs out and headed for Alnwick Gardens in Northumberland. Garden designer, Jacques Wirtz recently designed these gardens and development is still ongoing. We wondered through the bamboo maze, watching children squealing with delight as they splashed around in the water garden. After exploring the [...]

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