North Berwick Garden with Contemporary Pool

North Berwick Garden with Contemporary Pool2019-02-15T08:35:59+00:00

Project Description


The new owners of this property wanted a garden redesign to make the most of the awkward shaped space. It was considerably smaller than their old garden, so every inch of space counted. This design created the illusion that this space was bigger than it actually is. It is divided into separate ‘rooms’ using Scottish larch frames, that will be draped with climbing roses. The owners can sit or potter in the different spaces at different times of the day. We wrapped a contemporary pool with irises and water lilies around the new patio. This has a zigzag bridge across to a wisteria clad bower at one end of the garden.


Fish swim through the waterlilies in the contemporary pool. There is also some lawn and a swing for grandchildren to play. As well as enjoying the garden while outside, there are also beautiful views from the house. Windows look out onto statues and garden art that the couple had brought with them from their old house.Contemporary_pool_with_fish

Although the shape had seemed tricky at first, it actually made the final layout more interesting.