Do I need a garden designer?

A garden is an investment. A coveted outdoor space can add between 5% and 15% to the value of your home. The investment isn’t just monetary; it is also an investment in your wellbeing. I take a lot of care to ensure that your new garden complements your lifestyle and adds value not only to your home, but your life too.

Can I revise the design?

I understand that you will want to give input to the design and this is an important part of the process. We take a lot of time at the beginning of the process to ensure I understand exactly what you are looking for and endeavour to deliver that in our preliminary garden design. I then go through the preliminary garden design with you and this is your opportunity to discuss the specifics. I will absorb your feedback into the final garden design. I allow for one round of revisions (up to 1 hour of design time) for each plan. If there are any further amendments beyond this, additional fees will apply.

What if I don’t know anything about plants?

Don’t worry—you don’t need to have any existing knowledge or experience in dealing with plants. Once your garden has been built, I can provide a management plan to help you care for the various plant species in your new garden. Should you need any assistance with maintenance, I will gladly recommend a local gardener to assist.

Do I have to build my garden right away?

There is no requirement to implement your garden design right away. You can liaise with your chosen landscaper about splitting the build into multiple phases. Most will be happy to accommodate your personal circumstances and/or budget restraints.

What sort of timeline does garden design take?

As each garden is completely unique and each design is bespoke, the timeframe that design and landscaping takes varies from project to project. A design can take around 2 months and then bringing in skilled landscapers to carry out your garden build can take around 3-6 months. Planting is generally carried out in spring or autumn, when plants are likely to get better established.

What are the costs of designing a garden?

Design fees are charged on an hourly basis. The cost of landscaping a garden doesn’t determine the design fees, but it’s a useful guideline in projecting how much design time may be needed to consider the project and produce the drawings. A full scope of design services as described, often falls within the range of 8-15% of the actual cost of construction. An estimate of design fees for each project is provided upfront.

I want to ensure my garden is environment-friendly. Can your design reflect this?

Absolutely! Sensitive consideration to material choices, planting palettes and functionality are central to my design process. I make use of existing and locally sourced resources, and like to include plenty of green space in your new garden. My choice of plants is naturally adapted to your garden’s conditions, which means they are likely to thrive without regular watering, feeding, staking or protecting over the winter. Urban gardens have the ability to absorb air pollution and excess water. Sprawling, rural plots are often a haven for wildlife—we always endeavour to provide shelter for birds and nectar for pollinating insects.