Design Process

Below is an outline of the steps we’ll be taking together as we design your garden. This process is meant to be fun and engaging and is customised to your specific situation and needs. Good design is the result of following the design process to its logical endpoint. The phases are sequential, with lot of decisions along the way and they build on the work completed and agreed to in each preceding phase.

Listen – obtaining a design briefGarden design visual

Our initial consultation will help me find out more about you, your needs for the project and will get us all thinking about the specifics of the design. Prior to our visit, I ask that you take the time to gather your inspiration, outline your requirements and determine your budget.

Developing a clear remit enables me to create a design brief and quotation that matches your expectations.

I’ll apply square metre estimates to the space and align your budget with the project brief. I will also estimate a project timeframe and create a design proposal from this remit.

Research – site survey and site analysis

The next step is to commission a topographical survey to measure up and take levels for your site. A site analysis collects information any existing structures, soil, site restrictions, site utilities and access.

Design – presentation plan, visuals and design details

Garden Design Plan for rural garden

I will then use the design brief, survey and site analysis to create a preliminary layout, mood board and visuals for your new garden. We’ll meet to discuss the specifics and this is an opportunity to relay your feedback, which I’ll absorb into the final garden design.

I will take the refined preliminary plan and digitally draw to scale, a presentation plan for your garden, showing the structures, changes in level and the planted areas.

The detailed design fixes all of the information about the garden into a detailed set of drawings and specifications that will be used by the Contractor for pricing and construction. The project may require the input of structural engineers, lighting specialists or local craftsmen. I can submit the project for planning permission if necessary.

Implement – contractor selection and construction monitoringSensory Garden Design Plan

The contractor(s) will submit a broken down list of their costings and we’ll evaluate this together and award the contract to the contractor of your choice.

After construction begins, I will monitor progress to check for conformance with the contract documents and that all aspects of the landscaping specified are executed. This allows the project design vision to be integrated into the garden.

Planting and managementPlanting scheme list

We will select a palette of plants that are adapted to your garden conditions and draw up the planting plans that bring your garden to life. I can then procure the plants from reputable nurseries and bring in contractors or gardeners to plant up your garden.

I will remain at your disposal as your garden becomes established. I can provide management plans and arrange follow-up visits in order to ensure that you are equipped with the required knowledge and relevant information to continually care for your garden. If you’d prefer to outsource the management of your garden, I can recommend local gardeners.