Design Process

Garden design visualBelow is an outline of the steps we’ll be taking as we design your garden. This process is meant to be fun and engaging and is customised to your specific situation and needs. Good design is the result of following the design process to its logical endpoint. The phases are sequential, with lot of decisions along the way and they build on the work completed and agreed to in each preceding phase.

1. Initial Consultation

All projects start with an initial consultation where we get to know you, your style and your needs. This session helps us understand how to tailor our designs to your lifestyle.

2. Site Measure

We will then obtain detailed measurements of your site, including any level changes. We examine the orientation of your garden, climate, soil type, views, accessibility and restrictions.

3. Concept Development

We assimilate this information to develop a design concept and spatial planning. This focusses on optimising the use of your space and enhancing the flow and usability of your garden.

4. Design Documentation

Once we have a clear plan, we transform our concept into a layout plan, moodboard and 3D visual that provide a comprehensive view of the proposed design. We’ll meet to discuss the specifics and this is an opportunity to relay your feedback, which we will absorb into the final garden design.

5. Design Details

The design plans will be drawn to scale with level changes, materials specified, construction details and a scope of works. The choices we make impact on the look and feel of your garden and it’s practicality. This provides the landscaper with the information he needs to draw up an accurate quotation and build your garden. The project may require the input of structural engineers, lighting specialists or local craftsmen. We can submit the project for planning permission if necessary.

6. Construction

We can then obtain quotations from reputable contractors. During construction our team will monitor progress to check for conformance with the design documents and that all aspects of the landscaping specified are executed. This allows the project design vision to be integrated into the garden.

7. Planting

We will put together a coherent plant palette for your garden conditions, that bring your garden to life. The next step is to draw up a planting plan for your new garden. We can then obtain plants and arrange for your garden to be planted up.

8. Handover

Once your new garden has been created, we will remain at your disposal as it becomes established. We can provide management plans and arrange follow-up visits in order to ensure that you have the knowledge
to care for your garden. If you’d prefer to outsource the management of your garden, we can recommend a local gardener.

Planting scheme list