How to create an indoor – outdoor living space

We all love getting outdoors on those balmy summer days and chilling out with a glass of wine as the sausages sizzle on the barbecue on the sun-drenched patio. However Scottish summers can be all too fleeting. How good would it be to enjoy the outdoors, without getting soaked to the skin, hypothermia or your [...]

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10 reasons to plant a blossom tree in your garden

We have just wound our clocks forward for spring. It's time to shake off that duvet we have been hibernating under through the winter months. Flinging open those shutters, we can breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the vibrancy of the world springing back to life. Not to mention those long light evenings! Spring [...]

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Garden Inspiration from the Netherlands

Mien Ruys Garden Earlier this month, a group of us garden designers had a sneaky trip to the Netherlands to visit Mien Ruys garden for a bit of garden design inspiration. Mien Ruys was an exceptional and inspirational garden designer and she is a true icon of mine. She studied garden architecture in Berlin in the 1920s [...]

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RHS Hampton Court Flower Show – Ideas to take home with us

I spent an inspirational day last week wondering round the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show with my Aunt and Uncle. It was jam-packed with inspiring gardens full of landscaping ideas, sublime planting schemes and new plants. These garden ideas can easily be taken and incorporated into our own gardens at home. The Red Thread Garden [...]

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Creating the Bones of a Winter Garden

If your winter garden is looking a wee bit drab and uninspiring at the moment, chances are that it was planned out over the summer months when folk are outside enjoying the sunshine. If you can make your garden to look good in winter, it is likely to look great throughout the year. Here are [...]

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How green is your garden?

Last week green issues were making headline news. The nations of the world  put their heads together at the climate change summit in Paris. They were attempting to come up with green initiatives for curbing carbon emissions and tackling global warming. Closer to home, we witnessed some of the effects of climate change. Storm Desmond [...]

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Gardens that evoke a sense of spirituality

I would say that the most memorable gardens I have visited are ones that evoke a real sense of spirituality. It is hard to put a finger on how the garden makers have achieved this. It doesn’t seem to bare any relation to the price of the materials used in creating the garden. One of [...]

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I never promised you a rose garden

A couple of years ago I created a rose garden in a cemetery in central Edinburgh. As a result, I have been fired up a passion for these enchanting shrubs that I know my grandmother always adored. She had a beautiful English country garden where she and my grandfather introduced me to a few of their [...]

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A garden lover’s tour of Norway

Norway is renowned for it's spectacular landscapes, with it's mountains and fjords, reindeers and trolls. It has been high on my wish list of places to visit for some years now. Firstly, we started our trip in Oslo, staying in an Airbnb flat. This was in the achingly trendy and alternative suburb of Grunerlokka. It [...]

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