Fire up your garden this Autumn

Japanese maple autumn colours

Many of us are looking for colour in our garden, but usually this means flowers. Plants that have stunning Autumn leaves, that glow on those grey Autumn days when the evenings are drawing in often get overlooked. Ring the seasonal changes and bring some warmth to your garden, by planting some shrubs with Autumn colour. Here are some great garden plants that will set your garden ablaze.

Japanese Maples

Acer aconitifoliumThese small graceful trees are perfect for small gardens. They don’t mind a bit of shade, but prefer a sheltered spot. This makes them ideal for many inner city courtyard gardens that are surrounded by buildings. Japanese maples or Acers come in many shapes, such as low arching ones which look stunning reflected in a pond. They can have broad leaves or finely dissected ones in greens, burgundy and oranges. Maples look at their very best when their autumn leaves are backlit by the low afternoon sun.

Crimson Glory Vine

Vitis-coignetiaCrimson glory vine or Vitis cognitae also hails from Japan and is part of the grape family. This vigorous climber is perfect for covering an unsightly wall.

Ornamental Cherry Trees

Prunus_sargentiiOrnamental Cherry (Prunus) trees come in many shapes and sizes, so there is one for every garden. As well as Autumn leaves, they have the added bonus of pretty spring blossom, which bullfinches love to chomp on. Some produce fruits, which is another bonus for attracting bird into your garden.

Mountain Witch Alder

Autumn leaves of FothergillaMountain witch alder or Fothergilla major is an elegant rounded shrub with pretty leaves and bottle brush honey-scented creamy flowers in spring. It is an American native and part of the Witch Hazel family. These shrubs grow particularly well in acid soil.