More and more folk are working from home these days. Here are 5 tips for creating a garden office or studio that works for you.

1.   The benefits of creating an outdoor workspace

Improve your work-life balance by avoiding crowded, disrupted commutes and high office rental costs. This enables you to work around your childrens’ needs, picking them up and dropping them off during the day and putting in any extra hours required when they are asleep. Going into retirement, you may be looking for a space to escape to and be creative. A garden studio or office space delineates between work and play and takes you away from the inevitable chores that need doing around the house. It has the additional health benefits associated with immersing yourself in nature.

2.   Practicalities for a garden office

You are likely to be far more productive if you have a well insulated outdoor work space. This avoids numb fingers and toes in winter and sweating it out on warm sunny days. You will need good lighting, possibly also garden lighting for getting to and from your house on dark winter mornings and afternoons. Think about connectivity. You probably need WiFi, phone reception and plug points for computers and printers for communicating with your clients and suppliers. Bring in an electrician at an early stage in your project to ensure you are well set up with all the services you need. Consider security if you are storing computers and expensive work equipment.

3.   Create a space that works for you

Garden_office_desk_spaceWhat are your specific requirements in order for you to be productive? Do you need a large desk to work at? Create plenty of space to accommodate all your books, files, manuscripts or artwork, so you are not constantly traipsing to and from the house. Soundproofing may be an idea to create a tranquil atmosphere while you work or to keep the neighbours happy? And you might need a couple of extra chairs and some signage if you meet clients here?

4.   Add a few personal touches

Personalise your space. Whether you are creating an artist’s or potter’s studio, a physiotherapy practice or designing websites, fill your garden work space with individual touches and objects you love, that will inspire you throughout the day.

5.   Immerse yourself in nature

natural spaces enhance creativityMake sure your garden office is flooded with plenty of natural daylight. Surround yourself with natural materials and immerse yourself in green vegetation. Take a chair out into the garden for a morning coffee. Connecting with nature can reduce your stress levels and increase productivity and creativity, which will help your business to thrive.