5 reasons to place art in your garden

If you are an art lover, then why not add interest as you wonder round your garden, by extending your art collection out in to the garden?
Sculpture in garden of young girl

1. Express yourself with garden art

Add your own personality to your garden. Communicate your interests, with sentimental or large bold statement objects, abstract garden art or subtle natural willow sculptures. Share your love of interesting antique garden ornaments or showcase your creativity demonstrated using upcycled objects.

Large stone urns in garden design

2. Define your garden style

A carefully placed classical urn conveys a traditional style of garden or you might consider a reflective steel sculpture for a modern garden. Stone sculpture can enhance a natural setting within a beautiful landscape. Even something as simple as an interesting piece of driftwood can add a sculptural element in a coastal setting.

Heron sculpture in pond

3. Tips for placing garden sculpture

Artworks can attract your attention and entice you up a garden path to explore more of the garden. They can also create elements of surprise as you come round a corner or into a new space. Placed next to water, they can create beautiful reflections that make you stop and observe.
sculpture in garden

4. Create year round structure

Even if you do not have green fingers, you can make a statement in your garden with garden art. Sculpture provides structure in the garden. Even in the depths of winter when many plants are hibernating.

Bell sculptures hanging in garden

5. Engage with your garden

Inspire you and your visitors to really engage with your garden. Make thought provoking quotes into concrete poetry, or arouse a smile at humorously placed objects. Natural stone and bronze sculptures can be very tactile, encouraging you to interact with your surroundings.


If you would like some ideas for art in your garden, find inspiration by visiting sculpture parks and galleries. Rummage through reclamation yards or check out auctions, antique shops and online. Seek out local artists and you may choose to commission your own piece of art.